It is very simple and easy; just forget that he is younger than you. Just keep in mind that he or she is your boss who expects you to behave as a subordinate. So you should shun these thoughts of being a subordinate to someone younger than you.
The next thing is that your boss being younger than you does not make him or her "Bad”. If you have a positive attitude, a sense of understanding your work and delivering in time, the young boss will be very happy from you.
If sometimes your boss does show a behavior that seems like inferiority or superiority complex, it’s not difficult to handle if you can convince that for working with each other in an amicable manner both have to concentrate on their work rather on one being elder or younger than other.
You have to teach your young boss how to work and manage things in a manner that his or her ego is not disturbed. This can be done in a way that will not let your boss know that you are teaching him. If you know his moods and can give your opinions and suggestions at appropriate times it will be very easy. After that your boss will start liking you in spite of you being elder.
But if your young boss develops a personal grudge and tries to compress you do every now and then, tell politely that office ethics require him or her to be respectful to the subordinates elder than him or her.
Last but not the least you must remember that shrewdness and experience to deal young persons will make you work with your young boss.

Popupdomination By Michael Dunlop

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