Every office has two types of employees; productive and non-productive. Do you have problems with your employees in office who are not productive as per your expectation? Who look busy but do nothing in office? Who are habitual of procrastination? If yes, here are few useful tips to deal with them, make them productive and get your work done from them in office as per your requirement: 
1. Try to sort out this type of employees in your office by continuously watching the daily activities of all employees in an intelligent and wise manner. You will get to know the non- productive, look busy do nothing employees in the staff within a few days with this practice. 
2. The next step is to have a one to one meeting with all of them and try to convince them to work hard and be an efficient worker by giving them a lecture about dignity of hard work and virtues of becoming an efficient worker. Both the meeting and lecture are necessary for making the mind of an employee to be more productive.
3. Ask them if they have any problem working with you or any of their co-workers. Try to help them out and give a practical solution to their problems as far as possible. Ask them to co- operate with you and show a positive attitude in office by increasing efficiency and interest in job. 
4. Motivate them to deliver 100% and try to persuade them to get the tasks assigned to them completed within the time frame specified by you. Also promise them with incentives and benefits upon doing that. This will make a marked increase in their productivity and efficiency. 
5. Now again watch them closely and check them by paying surprise visits during working hours to assess whether they are improving or not. 
6. Now you have to sort out those employees who are still sticking to the same lethargic routine and have not changed their attitude of being non-productive up till now. 
7. Start one more session of one to one meeting with these employees that you sorted out in step no 6 and give them a warning to get themselves straight or otherwise face the consequences. You have to be strict with them now as any relaxation at this time will be harmful for the office and make a bad impression on other employees who are efficient and productive. 
8. The last step is to watch these employees by giving them one more chance to improve themselves and if still they do not seem to be changing, firing them from the job is your last option.
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