A perfectionist is a person who wants all things done in a perfect manner and get perfect results. There may be a few perfectionists around you also or you may be a perfectionist yourself. 
So if you want to stop becoming a perfectionist, here are some tips; 
1. You have to admit this fact that even though you are a perfectionist but still you can find so many imperfections in yourself if you look inside deeply and thoroughly. So in reality no human being can be perfect. It’s better for you to keep on telling yourself that you are not a perfectionist. 
2. You have to admit that even though people like perfectionism but in real and practical life they do not expect that from their selves and/or from others. So it’s better to stop being a perfectionist if you want to live in this world of imperfect people. 
3.Whenever an urge of doing a work in a perfect manner and get perfect result drives you to take it up, just stop yourself and have a self-convincing session that I will do this work but not in a perfect manner to achieve a perfect result, but to complete it in a normal way to get normal result. 
4. If after completing a work you seem to be unsatisfied with the result you have got, just tell yourself that after making a perfect effort it’s still possible that you do not get a perfect result, so it’s not a thing to be worried about. 
5. Do not expect others to be perfectionists. When you look at others' work and find imperfections in them just keep quiet and do not point out these imperfections so that they may not get annoyed with you. 
6. Always appreciate the work done by others keeping in mind that human beings do commit mistakes leading to imperfections and only appreciation can help them improve. Be positive in bearing their mistakes and you will feel easy working with them.

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