What is going to happen with me and all the human beings after death? Is there life after death or its all over with the last moment of my life? These and similar type of questions do come into your mind at least once in your lifetime. From where can you get the answer(s)? Well Islam has got those answers to all your questions.
The Islamic concept of life after death is very simple, clear, comprehensive, meaningful, positive, justifiable, understandable and practicable. There is life after death; eternal life. No human being who has once come in this world will diminish after death. Death is actually a process of transfer from one phase of life to a different phase of life. When you die your body is separated from your soul. The body is buried or burnt but the soul remains in one of the two places for souls;"Illiyeen", the place for pious souls or "Sijjeen", the place for sinful souls till the Day of Judgment or doomsday. Both the body and the soul are interconnected with each other, though seemingly separated. The body and soul are either punished during this period or they remain in ease and peace.
On the Day of Judgment; the doomsday, both body and soul will again be combined as a single entity and the human beings will be held accountable for there deeds whether good or bad. All human beings will stand before Almighty with the book of deeds given to them. The human beings without Faith in Almighty;"Eeman"(the non believers and non Muslims) will be thrown into hell fire forever. They will never be taken out of it. On the other hand the believers and Muslims will be either put in hell fire for a fixed period to get the punishment for the sins committed in this world or taken into heaven directly, if pious and without sins, to dwell there forever in bounties and pleasures.
So this life is actually a preparation for the eternal life; the life after death. That is the Islamic concept which is a guideline for all the humanity.