Allah; The Almighty, the Greatest, the biggest, one who is greater and bigger than the imagination of all, one who is beyond the comprehension of all. He is the creator of all big things and yes small things also.
This Muslim expression shows that no one is worthy to be worshipped, obeyed and loved but the one who is "Akbar".Only He holds the right of this. He is the greatest and biggest in all meanings. His powers are great. His control over all things is total.
When a Muslim child is born this expression is called in its ears several times. It is the essence of faith of a Muslim so its seed is sown in heart through the ear at the very beginning of life. The Muslim child should have this expression deeply rooted in heart as he has to spend all the life seeing many big things around him. These things will affect him with their powers and qualities but he should keep in mind that all this big things are actually "small" in front of Allah, only Allah is the biggest.
This Muslim expression is called several times during "Azan"; the call for prayer five times daily. It tells all Muslims that the things you are involved in are actually small. So you must come to offer your prayers in front of Allah who is the biggest of all. He is bigger than your business, your shop, your job, your family and all other things you like or love. Since he is the greatest of all, so all things and issues can be set aside when he is calling you to bow before him.
This Muslim expression comes several times in a prayer. The prayer is started with it. The movement from one part of prayer to other is done with this expression. So that this expression continuously touches his heart and mind. The Muslim is bowing before the greatest so he must recognize his greatness during his prayers.
The earth is very big. The sun is bigger than the earth. But so many planets and stars are bigger than the earth and sun. There are so many big galaxies under the sky. The sky is still unfathomable and unreachable. Then we have not this sky alone. There are seven skies, one upon the other. Each sky is bigger than the lower one just like a small ring in a big baseball field. So such a big universe but still "Allah u Akbar"; Allah is the biggest of all.
The paradise (Jannat) is so big the last person entering into it will have a paradise 10 times this world. One tree in it is so big that an Arab horse running for a hundred years under its shade will be unable to reach the end of it. But Allah u Akbar"; its creator is the biggest.
The hell (Jahannum) is so big. A stone thrown in it reached the pit in seventy years. One flame of it is bigger than the seven skies and earths. But "Allah u Akbar": its creator is the biggest.
The roof (arsh) of Allah is so big. One angel called "Izqaeel" having eighteen thousand wings flies for twenty thousand years but cannot reach the end of one of its pillars. Then Allah grants him thirty six thousand wings and he flies for thirty thousand wings but he still cannot reach the end of the pillar. Allah says to him that if you keep on flying till the Day of Judgment you will still not reach the end of the pillar of my roof.So"Allah u Akbar"; the biggest and greatest of all.
This Muslim expression is a base of faith and spiritual guidance for every Muslim throughout his or her life. Do not disobey the Greatest and the biggest. Always please Him. He has all things you want. He creates all type of conditions and governs all the circumstances around you. Never make Him angry. Whenever something distracts you from Him just remember that"Allah u Akbar"
When a Muslim is going up he should recite this "Allah u Akbar" because he may be affected by the tallness of a building or height of a mountain. So his heart should only be affected by the greatness of Allah.
So a Muslim’s life revolves round this expression all his life till his death. He is buried with this expression.