Procrastination: an act of wasting time, indulging in useless thinking, lingering on the work to do in daily life etc. Do you have the same habit always confronting you? Are you a procrastinator also? How to leave this habit once and forever? Here are few useful tips; 
1. Try to spend less time in thinking and more time in working and doing things you have planned for today. 
2. Make a list of the things you want to do tomorrow, in the night, allocate ample time for all of these and make a commitment to yourself to stick to it and do not think about it over and over again. 
3. Try to only think about the things and issues that are profitable, beneficial and useful to you and avoid thinking about those that are not relevant. 
4. Whenever your thoughts try to drift to irrelevant issues and things, stop yourself and have a self-convincing and motivating session that you must have relevant thoughts to stop procrastination. 
5. Whenever you have free time with you, look around for a hobby that may be fruitful in improving your experience and knowledge e.g. reading books, writing, browsing and helping your family in household chores. Etc. 
6. Keep on watching yourself and doing self accountability on daily basis .Fix a time for that and analyze whether you are improving or not by calculating the time you wasted in procrastination during the last 24 hours. 
7.Try to decrease the time that was wasted last day by utilizing it in the way as given in steps 1 to 6 and keep on repeating these steps daily and you or on the way to get rid of your habit of procrastination in near future. 
Please do tell all these tips to other procrastinators like you also; good luck.