If you want to know about some thing, you must try to understand it deeply and thoroughly and understanding Islam is far more important and easy than understanding other religions.
You should try to understand Islam because it is the religion of and for humanity, a religion of peace and well-wishing for all. It is the complete code of life covering all its aspects and spheres. It has the ways of life for people from all places, languages, tribes and countries. It has got the solutions to all those problems that human beings had faced in the past, or they are encountering in the present or they will possibly face in future. Without understanding it you can only have a superficial concept of it because it is an undeniable fact that it will surely be the dominating religion of the world in the next few years. The statistics will show you in a crystal clear manner if you go through them.
It has got that balance of life that no other religion can give you. If you are a man, woman or a child you can live in peace, harmony and tranquility with others by following the teachings of Islam. It has given the right to live and prosper to all human beings even non-Muslims. You can deal with others without giving them any pain or agony. You can adopt any legitimate profession or occupation as guided by the Islamic principles and you can have all that you want.
It shows you the right way to act and react whether you are a father, son, mother, daughter, brother, sister, friend, relative, neighbor or colleague of someone. It will guide you through all the phases of your life under all conditions and circumstances, where ever you are and whenever you need. It will give you the concept of life after death that no other religion can do.