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Entity model Studio is a static entity modeling tool to help the application designers and developers, create static application entity model, generate source code and deploy the same to the database of choice (MS SQL Server or Oracle). The main objective of Entity model studio is to increase developers productivity by reducing the time involved in designing, deploying and maintaining logical and physical entity data model. By using this tool, designers and developers may be able to create an Entity model project, build and deploy it directly to the database.


UML based static modeling
Application designers and developers may use Entity Model Studio to design the static entity model of their applications.It has very easy to use, intuitive and comprehensive GUI tool to design your (logical/static) entity model using the standard general-purpose modeling language i.e. UML.

Database design
Entity Model Studio automatically creates the physical data model for you from the designed static entity model. Developer can create the database objects automatically by building the designed entity model project. The built entity model can then be deployed directly to the database of your choice (MS SQL Server or Oracle).

The Entity Model Studio also tracks any further changes made to the database deployed using the designed static entity model project. You may re-build your project after making changes to your static entity model project and select synchronize option to synchronize the logical and physical data model changes to the linked database.

There is another fact can show you how static model design highly combine with database design together.Generalization on entity relationships may also be applied to the database design through the static entity model.Fields, indexes and triggers of Base Entity may also be inherited in the derived Entity objects.The inherited entity fields, indexes and triggers can then be updated in the linked database using the synchronize option.

Developer may also be able to design tables for an abstract entity and apply the entity model design to the linked database by using the deploy or synchronize option.Entity Model Studio is a pure object-oriented entity modeling tool to help you design & create static entity models, and to deploy them to the database of your choice (MS SQL Server or Oracle).

Generating source code and document
Entity Model Studio also provides an option to generate source code in two programming languages (C# and VB.Net). The entity object structure in the source code is created from the static entity model and is exactly the same. Also Entity Model Studio can generate document that describe structure of tables of database.

The source code objects created by the created Entity Model Studio project may also be used independently in your Microsoft C# and VB.Net projects. However, we recommend you to use Eql and EMLib in order to improve application and database productivity. Eql and EMLib tools are explained in detail below.

Eql is a initial name of Entity Query Language.Eql is a programming interface that is based on the host programming language,used to write sql statement.Using Eql independently, developers can write all kinds of SQL queries in a very easy and convenient way. We strongly recommend designers and developers to use Eql and EMLib in order to increase the application productivity.

EMLib is an object oriented standalone ORM framework developed by using the most powerful ORM features. Read, Insert, Update, Delete, Relation and Entity Properties are all object oriented. EMLib also supports lazy-loading, data refresh, controllable cascade operations, memory transaction etc to implement object oriented mechanism.

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